Loan Rates

New or Used Auto & Motorcycle
Rate Type  Rates as low as 
Up to 36 months Fixed 2.70% APR*
37 to 48 months Fixed 2.95% APR*
49 to 60 months Fixed 3.20% APR*
61 to 72 months Fixed 3.70% APR*
73 to 84 months Fixed 4.45% APR*
New or Used Boats & RVs Rate Type Rates as  low as
up to 48 months Fixed 6.25% APR*
49 to 72 months Fixed 6.75% APR*
73 to 120 months Fixed 7.25% APR*
Share/Certificate Secured Rate Type  Rates as low as
Secured up to 72 months
Not to exceed maturity of CD
Fixed 3.00% APR*
 Personal Loans – Type  Term  Rates as  low as 
Personal/Signature up to 72 months 9.75% APR*
Line of Credit Revolving Line 9.75% APR*
Vacation 10 months 9.75% APR*
Christmas 10 months 9.75% APR*
Overdraft Revolving Line 9.75% APR*
Greenlight Revolving Line 17.95% APR*
MasterCard® Credit Card  Rate Type  Rates as low as 
MasterCard® Non-variable 10.90% APR*
Home Equity Line of Credit  Rate Type Rates as low as 
Up to 180 months  Variable  4.00% APR*
Home Equity Lines of Credit rates are based on evaluation of credit history and loan to value, so your rate may differ.


We offer a variety of fixed mortgage loans. Rates change daily. 
Please contact our loan department to discuss your needs 336.373.2090.
 *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are based in an evaluation of credit history so your rate may differ. Rates subject to change without notice.