Cradle to College

Parents holding a baby From about 6 to 12, we usually learn the relative value of money. For example, dimes are worth more than nickels, and that a quarter buys
more than a dime. This is the time to open to GMFCU savings account for your child.
Kid riding a scooter From 12-18 you start learning how money works; how work is rewarded with money. This is the best time to establish a lifelong
relationship with GMFCU.  Teens begin thinking about buying your first car. We offer financial seminars just for teens to learn how to use money and buy a car.
graduation cap Going to college means preparing for the future, and GMFCU can help get you started on the right track!
Our Student Loans, personal loans, share-secured and home equity loans can help you pay for school to give you that extra peace of mind you need during this busy time of your life. Plus, our checking and savings accounts will help you manage your own money to pay for those incidentals, like notebooks, pens and pencils, and of course pizza for those late-night cram sessions!

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