Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling of Greensboro

Established in 1971 to assist families and individuals experiencing financial difficulties, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Greensboro (CCCS) is a division of Family Services of the Piedmont, a local United Way member agency.

Their mission is to help people achieve their financial goals through the following professional counseling and education services:

  • Professional Advice: all counselors are nationally certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling(NFCC).
  • Budget Counseling: to establish and meet financial goals through savings, and manage spending for basic expenses.
  • Credit Counseling: to help families establish good credit, choose the right credit, and use credit wisely.
  • Housing Counseling and Education: CCCS is a HUD certified housing counseling agency providing advice before and after an individual buys a home, default resolution counseling, and reverse mortgage counseling.
  • Mortgage Payment Program: To those who qualify, the program offers zero-interest loans up to $36,000 to cover a mortgage and related expenses for up to 36 months while the individual searches or trains for a new job.

Debt Management Program

The Debt Management Program is a viable alternative to bankruptcy, providing a consolidated and responsible way to pay creditors and become debt free within 48-60 months.

Free Workshops

Free workshops each month to help build a financially healthy community.


To set up an appointment, register for a mortgage triage clinic, or workshop please call 336.373.8882 or 888.755.2227 or email:

A member of the Trust Management Team will set up the next available appointment. CCCS offers face to face, phone, mail-in, or Internet counseling. The Trust Management Team will provide directions and information about the services. Office hours are from 8:30 AM — 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.