Change of Address Form

IMPORTANT: Please let us know when your have changed your address, phone #, or e-mail address.  For your protection, please fill out, sign, and return the Change of Address Form to Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union to verify your address before a change is made in our database. This helps to insure that we are sending your GFMCU statements, notices and emails to the correct address. Plus, we want to keep you up-to-date with all that is happening at your credit union.

  • You may fax the Change of Address Form to our Greene Street Office (336) 373-5896 or our Soabar Branch (336) 335-5556. For questions call: (336) 373-2090.
  • Important Tips:
    • Please do not use your PO Box address.  We need a valid street address.
    • Include all current email addresses
    • Include all phone numbers: home, office, cell phone