Buzz Points

Buzz Points Rewards Program - Start Earning Rewards Today!

Have you heard the Buzz?

Did you know that you can enjoy great rewards at local businesses just by using your GMFCU Debit Mastercard on everyday purchases?  With Buzz Points, you earn points with every purchase you make with your enrolled card!

How it Works

  • Enroll your GMFCU Debit Mastercard at or by downloading the Buzz Points App
  • Use your enrolled card to make a signed purchase anywhere your card is accepted (see below for signed purchases)
  • Earn points everywhere you use your enrolled card
  • Earn bonus points when you shop at Preferred Businesses
  • Redeem your points at Preferred Businesses, as e-gift cards, or charitable rewards

What is a Signed Purchase?

When you sign for a purchase with your GMFCU Debit Mastercard instead of using your PIN, you’re adding an extra layer of safety to your purchase! Not only does this protect your PIN, but every purchase is backed by Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection*! To make a signed purchase, simply choose the “credit” option instead of “debit” at the point of sale and sign for your purchase. Your transaction will go through just like a traditional PIN debit transaction, and your points will be transferred to your account!

How to Enroll

  • Visit or download the Buzz Points app for iPhone or Android
  • Select “Sign Up”
  • Complete the form
  • Start earning points immediately!
  • You can also contact us to be signed up by a Member Services Representative

*Read about Mastercard Zerio Liability protection.